Vitiligo Treatment

Vitiligo is a skin condition where your skin loses its natural color. It is a long term where patches of lighter skin appear. This skin condition can affect people of any age or gender. Where some people develop a few patches others may lose much more skin color. Delhi Medi Clinic offers you the best quality Vitiligo treatment in Delhi. Under the supervision of our expert and renowned dermatologist, Dr. Mukesh Manjhi, Delhi Medi Clinic takes the responsibility of treating your skin disorder with the best possible results. 

It  also affects other parts of your body. Other than skin, your hair might turn white as a result of the disorder. Some people witness the loss of color inside their mouths. Even eyes can lose some of their colors. All these conditions lead to lower self-esteem, low self-confidence can develop in the patient. These can develop serious depression problems. 

Types and Subtypes of Vitiligo

Types of Vitiligo

  1. Segmental Vitiligo: This skin disorder is an uncommon form of localized vitiligo. It is unilateral and asymmetrical, it never crosses the midline of the body. In such diseases depigmentation spots spread quickly. It is also known as unilateral vitiligo. 
  2. non-segmental Vitiligo: Also known as bilateral vitiligo, vitiligo Vulgaris or generalized vitiligo, it is the most common form of vitiligo witnessed in patients. This results in the appearance of white patches on both sides of the body. Starting from hands, it reaches around the eyes, and then mouth and feet. The color loss develops in spurts throughout life, and it becomes more noticeable as time goes on. 

Also known as Bilateral Vitiligo, Vitiligo Vulgaris, Generalized Vitiligo

Subtypes of Vitiligo

  1. Localized: The vitiligo condition that appears as only one or a couple of spots on the entire body. 
  2. Generalized: In this disease, colorless patches appear on various parts of the body.
  3. Universal: In universal vitiligo, most of the original skin color is lost. This is the rarest condition of vitiligo.

Symptoms of Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a skin condition where you lose your normal skin color. The loss of skin color can appear anywhere on your skin. As vitiligo causes loss of natural skin color, it may be termed as the loss of pigmentation or depigmentation. The parts where you can lose your skin color are

  • Skin
  • Hair (scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes, beard) 
  • Eyes
  • Mouth (inside) 
  • Genitals

The affected skin under vitiligo can lighten or turn completely white. Most people do not have any other signs or symptoms, they may feel completely healthy. Despite this, a few patients witnessed itching, tingling sensation, and pain in the affected area. 

Vitiligo Treatment Options

Before getting hold of any vitiligo treatment, it is best to consult a dermatologist. There are a variety of options available to treat this skin disorder. The main objective of most of the treatments is to restore the lost color of your skin. Cosmetic treatments are used to camouflage the lost color. It includes makeup, self-tanners, and skin dyes. It provides a safe method to make pigments less noticeable. It is recommended to children as it avoids any possible side effects from medicines. Despite being easy and safe, it is time-consuming and takes practice to get the natural-looking result every time. 

Medicines are also available to treat the affected skin. It works best for people with darkly pigmented skin. Medicines are most effective on the face and least effective on the hands and feet. 

Vitiligo can be treated by light treatment. With the use of light, the lost color of the skin is restored. There are two methods used in light treatment, lightbox and laser treatment. The lightbox is used to treat widespread vitiligo, while laser treatment is used to treat smaller areas. It is best for the face and least effective on hands and feet. The light treatment requires 2 to 3 treatments per week for several weeks. 

Delhi Medi Clinic provides the best vitiligo treatment in Delhi. We are your one-stop-solution to all your skin and hair problems. If you are confused about the suitable treatment for your vitiligo condition, consult Dr. Mukesh Manjhi. With a highly-experienced team, Dr. Manjhi is known to perform the best skincare treatments with natural-looking results.