Skin Biopsy

What is better than knowing about your skin and getting the best for your skin? In order to do that a skin procedure is performed to get all the information needed. The procedure is known as Skin Biopsy. 

But what exactly is a skin biopsy? It is a procedure where your dermatologist cuts and removes a small section of your skin. The sample is drawn out from the skin surface in order to carry out the examination.

Delhi Medi Clinic is the helping hand you need. We ensure providing the best skin biopsy in Delhi. We are well known for the satisfactory result our patients experienced and witnessed. Dr. Mukesh Manjhi is an expert and a renowned dermatologist in new-age dermatology and Delhi. With modern methods and the latest medical equipment, we make sure to provide the best skin biopsy treatment.

What is Skin Biopsy?

A skin biopsy is a procedure where the skin specialist or the dermatologist cuts and removes cells or a skin sample from the surface of your skin. The sample is taken out to study the characteristics of your skin. The sample is studied to understand skin issues in detail. Also, diagnosing certain skin conditions and diseases if available in the case.

Types of Skin Biopsy

At Delhi Medi Clinic, we perform majorly three types of skin biopsy treatments. They shave biopsy, punch biopsy, and excisional biopsy.

  1. Shave Biopsy: In the procedure, a thin layer of skin is shaved from above and around a lesion. 
  2. Punch Biopsy: To conduct the examination, an instrument called a punch is used. The skin is removed with the help of a punch device, and a circular section through all the layers of the lesion is drawn out.
  3. Excisional Biopsy: In this procedure, a scalpel is used to take an entire lesion.

You can get a skin biopsy anytime, in any condition. As the sole purpose of the procedure is to draw out the skin sample and get all the information about skin in addition to the skin conditions and disease, it does not have any side effects or complications. 

How the Skin Biopsy is Performed?

The entire procedure is very quick and simple. The procedure is performed under the effect of local anesthesia. After the anesthesia is given on the desired site of the biopsy, the extraction is performed. First, a biopsy punch is used and then a circular blade is used to cut out the skin. The size of the sample is 4 mm in general terms. The sample is taken under examination. The treated area is then stitched and covered properly. The stitches can be removed after a week. Skin biopsy is a minor procedure that is completely safe without any complications. 

Precautions to be taken after the biopsy

  • do not touch the treated area and offer as much as rest you can
  • remove the dressing after 2 to 3 days of the biopsy. 
  • wash it with normal soap, dry the treated area and apply moisturizer, and then re-dress the treated area.
  • if you are prescribed any medicines, do not miss them revisit the skin clinic after 7 days to get stitches removed. 

At Delhi Medi Clinic, our team of highly experienced dermatologists and skin specialists along with the latest medical equipment performs the best skin treatments in Delhi.