Micro-pigmentation is one of the non-surgical treatments available to reduce or hide your hair fall. It is also known as permanent makeup, permanent cosmetics, and cosmetic tattooing. Micro-pigmentation is used to improve or replace the lost coloring of skin. It is used on the face for enhancing facial features like eyebrows, eyelashes, and lips. The micro pigmentation procedure can be performed on any skin and color.

micro Pigmentation

What is Scalp Micro-pigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation is a type of hair tattooing to give a subtle illusion of a dense hairstyle on a bald head. The procedure is beneficial for patients who want to get a thin hairline. It hides scars and burns.

The scalp micro pigmentation procedure is quick and easy. It is performed under the effect of anesthesia which eliminates the pain during the treatment. The main objective of the treatment is to create a layer of dots of diverse hues of black. It is done to replicate the look of the natural look of the shadow of hair on the scalp. The complete procedure takes 3 to 4 sessions of 4 to 5 hours each.

It is best to avoid swimming, using steam or sauna rooms, and taking extremely hot showers after the treatments. Avoid any kind of exposure to the sun for a few weeks after the treatment. Abstain from heavy exercise for a week after the final treatment. Do not forget to moisturize the treated area regularly.

It is best to consult a dermatologist before getting any hair treatment. Scarlet Clinic offers highly experienced dermatologists and hair transplant surgeons to provide you the best hair treatments. Book your session now and experience the best scalp micro pigmentation in Delhi.