Laser Hair Reduction

We all know how painful and a daunting task it is to remove skin hair by shaving and waxing. Since the advancement in technologies and health care services, it has become an easier task to get rid of unwanted hair. If you want effective hair removal, laser hair reduction is the treatment worth considering. 

Laser Hair Reduction is another hair treatment to stop the growth of unwanted hair. The treatment is a painless, non-invasive treatment that effectively deactivates active-growth hair follicles. Different types of lasers are used for hair reduction. It depends on the skin color of the patient. All body parts can be treated safely, and quickly which includes upper lips to underarms, and even the bikini area

Permanent hair removal is not possible and is never guaranteed. Despite this, many people achieve complete or near-complete hair removal in four to ten sessions. With a highly qualified team and high-quality medical equipment, Delhi Medi Clinic ensures better hair reduction results even in the more stubborn fine hair.