Filler Treatment

In the course of aging your body, skin, the face loses its charms. It becomes tiresome to deal with the problems of aging. But thanks to science and modernization, now it’s easier to get that glow once more. With its (anti-aging) Filler treatment, Delhi Medi Clinic offers the best skincare treatments in Delhi. With aging, there is a loss of fat and a decrease in support in the face support in the facial structure that leads to sagging of the skin. These conditions lead to various changes in facial features like sunken cheeks, hollowness under eyes, drooping jowls, face folds becoming more pronounced, etc.

Changes Happen in Skin with Aging

Aging starts at the age of 30. Initially, you will not witness any changes, as they are microscopic, hence not visible with naked eyes. Later with aging, they start becoming visible. The witnessed changes are

  • Loss of elasticity
  • Loss of skin volume
  • Sun-damaged skin
  • Drooping of face
  • Hollowness and budging

Anti-aging treatments available:

  1. for superficial layers: chemical peels/organic peels, radio-frequency energy dermabrasion.
  2. for deeper layers: derma fillers, botulinum toxin treatment (BTX treatment), HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound), thread lift, vampire facelift.

What is a Filler Treatment?

Filler treatment or derma filler is a hyaluronic acid filler used to support, lift, and rejuvenate the face structure. The fillers provide the support and volume which is lost with aging and helps in reversing these aging changes that already occurred.

These fillers are injected into the targeted areas of the skin to restore the volume of the specific area.

The treatments are customized to meet the goals of every client’s needs. Topical anesthesia is given before the procedure to eliminate the possibility of any pain. The entire procedure of fillers is completed in 15 minutes or less.

At Delhi Medi Clinic, we ensure the restoration of the youthfulness of your face. With the use of high-quality medical equipment and the latest technologies, we offer you the best filler treatments in Delhi. With numberless satisfied patients, Delhi Medi Clinic is popular for its natural-looking results for all skincare and haircare treatments.