Earlobe Repair Treatment

Your ear may look much prominent to you, but it plays a vital role in balancing facial exquisiteness. The slightest change in the facial features can make a big difference. Your earlobe stands among the best facial structures/features as it showcases the elegance of your earrings. But over time, you may lose that particular charm. You might need an earlobe repair to restore the damage induced by a couple of factors.

What is Earlobe Repair Surgery?

It is a simple, and safe surgical procedure to restore the appearance of the earlobe that has been torn or elongated due to some trauma, piercing, or pulling of the earlobe due to heavy earrings for a long time. With time, the pierced hole gets broader and broader. After some time, it starts looking hideous.

The earlobe repair treatment is a 30 to 45 minutes procedure. The procedure is performed under the effect of general anesthesia. Since the procedure timing is short, both earlobes can be repaired on the same day.

What is the correct procedure?

  • The surgeon will mark the area/skin of the ear to be repaired in order to show you the scar lines after treatment.
  • The ear is cleaned to apply numbing cream
  • Under the effect of general anesthesia, additional skin around the stretched earlobe is removed
  • The skin on the front and backside of the earlobe is approximated using stitches.
  • Topical antibiotics are applied on the treated earlobe and are covered with a dressing.

Types of Earlobe Repair

  1. Sutureless Glue Repair

As the name suggests, the procedure uses surgical glue to join the skin. Despite the use of glue, a scar line will always be visible. The procedure is painless with a drawback of certain chances of incision scar widening again in the future.

2. Suture Earlobe Repair

The procedure is carried out very quickly and without any pain. It may not leave any scar behind, but you have to visit your dermatologist regularly. The results are better than sutureless glue repair. With the improved earlobe, the scar fades out with the skin surface gradually.

Both the techniques give satisfying results under the supervision of an expert dermatologist or skin specialist. The procedure is utterly safe and rarely associates with any side effects. You may experience mild swelling in the beginning, but with proper sedatives and painkillers, it will be taken care of in  2 to 3 days.

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