Beard Hair Transplant

Your beard serves as the first impression of your masculinity. It gives you the confidence to stand among other men and present yourself with utmost boldness. But having a patchy and unevenly thin beard can be a hurdle in the same. If you are too suffering from the condition of patchiness in your beard, it’s time you get a beard hair transplant. The patchiness may occur due to scarring, lacking facial hair, or less hair due to genetic problems. 

What is Beard Hair Transplant Treatment?

A beard hair transplant treatment is a procedure to correct your beard. The treatment is performed to reconstruct a new beard or enhance an existing beard for a dense & murky look. 

For beard transplant, the most popular procedures are FUE and FUT hair transplant. In the procedure, hair follicles are extracted from a stable zone area, the most considerable part is the backside of your head. In facial hair transplants, finer hair is required. If a patient is lacking donor hair follicles, body hair from the chest can be used as an option for the treatment. As the treatment consists of finer hair transfer, special attention is given by implanting one hair at a time. To give your beard a natural look, hair is placed at a certain angle to match your beard.

Beard Hair Transplant

How does Beard Transplant work?

FUE and FUT are two primary methods of hair transplant. In the FUE hair transplant procedure, a hair graft is removed from the donor site by making little incisions. The scars left behind the procedure are barely-noticeable. While in FUT hair transplant, a small rectangular strip of tissue is drawn out from the donor area by the microscopic process. A fine scar will be visible but can be easily covered by the hair. The procedure takes 3 to 9 hours depending upon the area being treated.

A beard transplant is beneficial for men who are suffering from male-pattern baldness, who have been victims of burns or injuries. Less beard volume can be a result of some genetic condition. In young men, hair loss can be due to drugs, overuse of beard products, or some trauma. 

At Delhi Medi Clinic, we aim at providing you the best beard hair transplant treatments with natural results and quality of hair.